Machines talk, we listen.

At Synctive, we connect enterprises of the industrial ecosystem with the financial world. In this way, we enable the management of Equipment-as-a-Service models and Pay-per-Use financing solutions.

How it works

Our mission is to connect the players of the new industrial ecosystem. To do so, we construct bridges based on disruptive technology to transport trustworthy data to enable business models of the future.

Data Acquisition

Edge connectivity is the main prerequisite for data-based business models with industrial machines essential for digital transformation with Synctive. At its core, it is about transmitting process and environmental data from the respective machine sensors to the Synctive platform. By combining hardware and software, we have the right solution for three different scenarios.

PLC to
Synctive Gateway
Cloud to Synctive
PLC to Synctive
Synctive Gateway
Cloud to Synctive

Storage & Processing

Via the Synctive middleware, the machine usage data is fed into our distributed ledger platform, where it is validated by proof-of-work algorithms and finally stored in a tamper-proof way. This trusted data is then injected into the pricing engine, for example, where it is integrated with flexible pricing models to generate the raw data for invoicing.

Analytics & Decision-making

The trusted machine usage data is used for various purposes within the platform. Transparency is always the primary goal in order to successfully establish Equipment-as-a-Service. This is achieved, among other things, through the integrated sales and accounting dashboards as well as further reports on machine usage. These include real-time and historical performance data for each individual machine.


In order to implement Equipment-as-a-Service sustainably and successfully, every machine in the company’s own fleet must be documented over its lifetime. With our claim to offer the best end-to-end software tool for EaaS, in addition to the core features, such as the pricing engine or the contract management, further servitization enabling features are available. These include fleet management and the digital machine file with its service log file.

Trust through technology

DLT enable things with a business model

Two parties agree on a transaction. The transaction is reviewed and verified. The deal is then contractually secured, and all parties are satisfied. Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) will ensure that no human being has to be involved in this entire process in the future. DLT will become the backbone of the Economy of Things. And guess what? Synctive builds on DLT because we believe that trust can only be achieved through technology and reliable data.


For transactions on the Internet, the tamper-proof transmission and storage of data are of central importance, especially to prevent fraud. Therefore, a trustworthy solution is needed to transparently track machine usage. To prevent manipulation, various security mechanisms are built into the DLT protocol, which ensures the seemless, secure and immutable storage of data creating a reliable audit trail. Trust through technology.


Today, we produce more digital data than ever. The broad adoption of the Internet of Things will increase the amount of data by 79.4 zettabytes by 2025 and accelerate its growth. Therefore, a novel technology must guarantee maximum scalability to become a viable solution for the industrial context. For usage-based business models, a wide variety of data streams must be transmitted and processed in near real time. DLT can handle it.

Trusted data access

Usage-based business models require trusted access to process and environmental data of machines. In this scenario, DLT plays out a particular strength. Compared to conventional systems, where interfaces have to be created tediously, DLT enables a particularly simplified and yet secure access to data. Within the closed system, access policies can be defined that protect the data pool from unauthorized access.

One platform for the economy of things

We believe that our Synctive platform will connect all relevant stakeholders of the new industrial ecosystem to enter the next era of the Economy of Things – together. Although our platform bridges the gaps between different stakeholders, at its core everything revolves around the machine. Because whether it’s Equipment-as-a-Service or Pay-per-Use Financing – all these models lead to the extension of a machine’s service life.

You take care of your business – we take care of the rest!

Synctive offers an end-to-end solution through the combination of our platform and the necessary hardware. Our software turns machine usage data into validated invoice data for usage-based business models. You benefit from an easy-to-use interface to integrate machines, manage payment terms, monitor machine usage, and generate usage-proof for invoicing at the click of a button.

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