Transform your Business Model.

Delivering Equipment-as-a Service is challenging for the product, technology and sales department. But the transformation from product to customer centricity pays off.

What is Equipment-as-a-Service?

Equipment-as-a-Service goes beyond traditional service contracts to provide more efficient operations and simpler financing models based on pay-per-use models. Enabling your customers to replace their high capital expenditure (CAPEX) equipment procurement model with multi-year service contracts managed as operating expenses (OPEX) bring in clear benefits.

Leverage IIoT data to sell more equipment

  • Up to 5x margin increase

    The after sales market accounts for at least 20% of the typical turnover in mechanical engineering. Pay-per-Use leasing let's you skim service and maintenance potential from the first use by the customer and over the whole equipment lifetime.

  • Access new customer markets

    Address new markets by removing your customers investment hurdles. Offering usage-based, OPEX-oriented financing options like Pay-per-Use will let you enter new target markets risk-free.

  • Significantly more satisfied customers

    With uncomplicated access to your excellent machinery and all-round service, you create unprecedented customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. It will definitely pay off.

Are you ready for your business model revolution with Equipment-as-a-Service?
Margin increase

On average, sales in the mechanical engineering sector are made up of 80% from machine sales and 20% from after-sales service. Equipment-as-a-Service includes the 20% and more in the recurring usage fee, so that your margin increases from the first use by the customer.

Revenue stabilization

Usage-based business models stabilize the cash flow by generating recurring revenue streams for OEMs. Offering usage-based services that match your customers financial capacities makes OEMs less vulnerable to fluctuations in market demand, especially in times of crisis.

Customer loyalty

The enhancement of machine sales options through as-a-Service offerings, will let OEMs definitely build stronger relationships with their customers. OEMs will gain much more insights about their customers' workflows, enabling them to offer services that continuously increase customer satisfaction.

Data acquisition

Although many OEMs are already engineering machines that bring native connectivity, this potential is insufficiently exploited through traditional machine sales. The data-driven Equipment-as-a-Service model grants you access to machine usage data by default. We will gladly support your transition to additional data-driven solutions.

Quality improvement

As soon as usage data starts flowing, the real magic happens. Previously impossible insights into the use of your machines will allow conclusions about any remaining vulnerabilities that can be addressed in further R&D. In this way, you sustainably increase the longevity of your machines. Your customers will appreciate the benefits.

Cross- and Up-Selling

The implementation of IIoT technologies, and in particular an "as-a-service" model, enables companies to develop new revenue streams. When selling equipment using a Pay-per-Use business model, the customer can be offered new aftermarket services and upsells or packages with further services or products.

Don't know where to start?

Do you want to sell your machines in an Equipment-as-a-service business model and don’t know exactly how to do it? We are happy to accompany you in your transformation to a customer-centric organization

Get in touch with us! With just a few pieces of information, we can determine how mature your company already is for a usage-based business model. Based on this, we will put together an individual consulting offer that will get you on the road to successful transformation.